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Public meeting to consider the re-confirmation of Dennis Davin as DCED Secretary

May 03, 2019
Senate Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee | May 8, 2018 | 10:00 a.m. | East Wing, Hearing Room 8E-A |     [Read More]

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Senator Tom Killion joins the group Mom Demand Action Against Gun Violence

April 08, 2019
Senator Tom Killion (R-9) joins the group Mom Demand Action Against Gun Violence at a rally at the state capitol in support of legislation to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and abusers.     [Read More]

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Senate Approves Killion Bill Aimed At Preventing Child Heatstroke Deaths in Vehicles

March 25, 2019
The State Senate today unanimously approved legislation sponsored by Senator Tom Killion (R-9) that is intended to save lives by providing immunity to individuals who attempt to rescue children who have been left unattended in hot cars.   Listen   [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Aging

March 05, 2019
Senator Killion asked about grandparents raising grandchildren because of the opioid crisis during the budget hearing on the Department of Aging.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Education, Part 1

March 05, 2019
Senator Killion discussed the importance of funding for Pennsylvania’s libraries and expanding training for students in hands-only CPR during Part 1 of the budget hearing for the Department of Education.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Conservation and Natural Resources

March 04, 2019
During the DCNR budget hearing, Senator Killion asked for more information on fund transfers from the Keystone Recreation and Environmental Stewardship Funds and urged that the money be used for community projects.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Life Sciences Greenhouses/Life Sciences PA

March 04, 2019
Senator Killion asked how Pennsylvania Life Sciences greenhouses determine what companies and technologies to invest in and how successful that process is.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Drug & Alcohol Programs

March 04, 2019
Senator Killion questioned Secretary of Drug and Alcohol Programs Jen Smith about the effectiveness of Centers for Excellence in treating drug addiction, and weeding out unscrupulous recovery home operators.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Corrections / Probation & Parole

February 28, 2019
Senator Killion asked @CorrectionsPA Secretary John Wetzel about recidivism rates during the budget hearing for the Department of Corrections / Office of Probation and Parole.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Department of Human Services

February 27, 2019
Senator Killion discussed the need to ensure pharmacy benefit managers are not shortchanging community pharmacies and including gag clauses in contracts during a PA Senate Budget Hearing with the PA Department of Human Services   [Read More]