Statement of Senator Tom Killion on Speculation Surrounding Pennsylvania’s Presidential Electors

Senator Tom Killion (R-Chester and Delaware released the following statement today regarding media speculation on the appointment of Pennsylvania’s presidential electors:

“The Pennsylvania Election Code assigns our state’s presidential electors to the winner of the state’s popular vote. There is absolutely no role for the General Assembly in this process. I do not support changing this section of the Election Code and would vigorously oppose any effort to do so. Respecting the will of voters is fundamental to our system of government. Anything less than accepting the decision of our fellow citizens is antithetical to what it means to be an American.

“Permit me to note the original story about the matter as it relates to Pennsylvania is, in my opinion, based on thin assumptions and irresponsible conjecture. I cannot foresee any circumstance where what is suggested by the article’s author comes to pass in our Commonwealth.”