Statement of Senator Tom Killion on the Death Of George Floyd and Subsequent Protests

Senator Tom Killion (R-Chester & Delaware) made the following statement today: 

“The death of George Floyd is an outrage and crime. I am pleased that the four officers involved in his death have been charged in the case, and I hope those responsible for it face the full consequences of their actions as provided by Minnesota Law. 

“Peaceful protests are a fundamental right of our republic. I fully support the rights of those peacefully protesting to raise awareness of the challenges still faced by Americans of color. The destruction and violence caused by a very small minority in the last week has no place in civil society. It further divides us and dilutes the call for a more just society.

“During my time in public office I have had the privilege of coming to know hundreds of men and women who serve in our police departments. The overwhelming majority of them serve with distinction and honor. They are committed to being a positive, constructive influence and they stand ready to make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of those they serve.

“I remain committed to doing all in my power to build a Pennsylvania where all citizens of the commonwealth can be assured that those who protect and serve them will do so justly, equitably and fairly.”