Killion Visits Westtown-Thornbury Elementary As Part Of National Principals Month

Senator Tom Killion (R – Chester and Delaware) shadowed Dr. Nora Wheeler, principal of Westtown-Thornbury Elementary School earlier today as part of National Principals Month sponsored by the National Association of Elementary School Principals.

“There are fantastic things happening at Westtown-Thornbury,” said Killion. “The students I met were engaged, enthusiastic and excited about learning. That’s a credit to Dr. Wheeler and the school faculty and staff.”

“I love that the National Association of Elementary School Principals encourages members to invite government leaders into the classroom as part of Principals Month as a way to keep the connection between schools and our representatives strong,” said Wheeler.

Killion visited the kindergarten class of Marian Barcusky which was in the middle of a math activity before moving on to the first grade class of Sara Nyholm.

Katie Donal’s music class was Killion’s next stop where students were practicing their rendition of “This Land Is Our Land” for the school’s upcoming Veterans’ Day celebration.

Before concluding his visit, Killion stopped in the fifth grade class of Kassandra Logue. Ms. Logue’s students were working on a social studies project focused on learning about the 50 states.

Killion praised the emphasis on the utilization of the latest technology at Westtown-Thornbury.

All fourth and fifth graders at Westtown-Thornbury have iPads which are integrated into every aspect of the curriculum, and smart boards have been installed in every classroom.

“Technology plays such a central role in our economy and lives,” noted Killion. “The students’ immersion in it during their time in elementary school will prepare them to compete in the global marketplace.”

Said Wheeler, “It was an honor to have Senator Killion visit Westtown-Thornbury so that I could showcase the great strides we are making with the meaningful integration of technology and important events such as our upcoming Veterans’ Day celebration.”

One of 10 elementary schools of the West Chester Area School District (WCASD), Westtown-Thornbury has 540 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. WCASD is comprised of West Chester Borough and the surrounding townships of East Goshen, West Goshen, East Bradford, West Whiteland, Westtown and Thornbury in Chester County, as well as Thornbury Township in Delaware County.

“My thanks to Dr. Wheeler, faculty, staff, and, most importantly, the students for hosting me today. I look forward to visiting Westtown-Thornbury Elementary again soon,” said Killion.