Senators McGarrigle, Killion Frustrated with Failure to Pass Child Abuse Bill

Harrisburg – State Sen. Tom McGarrigle (R-26) and Sen. Tom Killion (R-9) issued the following statements on the General Assembly’s failure to pass child sexual abuse legislation.
Senator McGarrigle:

“It’s unfortunate for the victims of these devastating abuses that a consensus was not reached to provide justice. I said I would vote for a two year window to seek civil damages against both perpetrators and the institutions that covered these abuses up, and I will. I’m disappointed in this lack of results, but I continue to work towards providing justice to all victims of abuse. If I am fortunate enough to continue serving the residents of the Commonwealth, I plan to introduce this bill as the first piece of legislation in the new session. We need to stand and be a voice for those whose voice was taken from them.” 

Senator Killion:

“I can’t express how disappointed I am that the Senate adjourned without passing this legislation. There’s absolutely no excuse for this.  By not passing this bill, we are denying justice for victims who have suffered immensely.  The Senate’s inaction has failed generations of victims.  We need to get back to work and finally provide justice for these victims.  Not to do so is unconscionable.”


(Sen. McGarrigle) Mike Rader (717) 787-1350
(Sen. Killion) Shannon Royer  (717) 787-4712