Killion Initiates Weekly Briefings by Top State, Pipeline Officials for Leaders of Affected Municipalities, Stakeholders

Brookhaven, PA– State Sen. Tom Killion (R-9) announced today that he has called on top officials involved with the Mariner East II /Sunoco Pipeline project to attend regular weekly briefings for local municipal representatives to increase accountability and the exchange of critical information between all those along the project.

“Recent problems with the drilling activities related to the pipeline project have raised questions and concerns by local municipalities and residents along the project. We need to make sure those responsible for regulating and overseeing this project are held accountable,” said Killion. “In the many conversations I have had with local elected officials on this topic, one common frustration expressed is the need for additional and more frequent communication from all those involved with the project,” added Killion.

Killion is also concerned about accountability and prevention.

“There are many regulatory and public safety agencies involved in monitoring the pipeline project and we are expecting them to keep a close eye on all activity related to the project and make sure it does not jeopardize the health, safety, or welfare of the people in our communities. If there are adverse impacts, we expect those responsible to address them.” said Killion.

Representatives from the municipalities in 9th Senatorial District will be invited to the briefings. The briefings will include representatives from the Department of Environmental Protection, emergency responders and Sunoco. Invitations will also be sent to other regulators involved in oversight including the Public Utility Commission and federal agencies as deemed necessary by the group.

“We will host these meetings on a weekly basis for as long as our local officials deem them to be necessary and helpful,” concluded Killion.


Office of Sen. Tom Killion: Mike Stoll, 610-436-3320