Killion Announces State Grant to Nether Providence Township and Kennett Township

Today, Nether Providence Township, of Delaware County, was awarded a grant by the state’s Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) through its Multimodal Transportation Fund to create a walkable and bikeable circuit.

Specifically, Nether Providence was awarded a $750,000 state grant to enhance pedestrian safety and improve access to schools, existing trails and neighboring municipalities, according to Senator Tom Killion (R-9).

Killion said the project consists of three components: 1) extending the existing sidewalk on East Rose Valley Road from Osborne Lane up to State Road 252/Providence Road; 2) installing sidewalk to connect Leiper Smedley Walking and Biking Trail to the Copples Lane sidewalk; and 3) creating 20,000 linear feet of bike lanes in both directions on West Brookhaven Road from the township line to State Route 252/Providence Road.

“Completion of this project will be very beneficial to the residents of Nether Providence Township,” Killion said. “I look forward to seeing the progress.”

Secondly, Kennett Township was also awarded a $1,200,000 grant through the Multimodal Transportation Fund for the improvements and development of trail segments as part of the Kennett Greenway Trail.

The grant will be used to improve and develop multi-use trails for pedestrians and bicyclists so that they may commute safely and separately from vehicle traffic.

Killion said, “Currently, the trails are narrow and very close to roads built for motor vehicles. These improvements will be very important to the safety concerns of residents and visitors to this area.”

To address these concerns, Kennett Township plans to install paths and sidewalks on South Street, McFarlan Road and East Baltimore Pike. Improvements will also be made to Pennock Park, Parrish, Whittle, and Chandler Mill Road trails and Chandler Mill Bridge.

“I’m pleased that these townships will be able to move forward with these improvements. I’m hopeful many residents and their families will enjoy for many years to come.”

The Multimodal Transportation Fund is administered by the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA).

CONTACT: Mike Stoll, Office of Senator Tom Killion (717) 787-4712