Killion Announces State Grant to Nether Providence Township and Brookhaven Borough

Today, Nether Providence Township, of Delaware County, was awarded a grant by the state’s Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) through its Watershed Restoration and Protection Program and its Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program.

Specifically, Nether Providence was awarded a $142,417 state grant to complete restorations at Parkridge Drive Outfall and improve water quality in Crums Creek, according to Senator Tom Killion (R-9).

Killion said the township will use the grant to demolish the current outfall and construct a storm sewer pipe and stilling well to convey and reduce the velocity of runoff down the steep hillside to regulate the discharge flows to Crums Creek and prevent erosion of the banks.

“Completion of this project will prevent sediment from being dumped along approximately 7 miles of Crums Creek,” Killion said. “DEP has identified serious erosion in this area, causing serious sedimentation impacts on the creek that will now be addressed to help project water quality.”

Secondly, Nether Providence Township was also awarded a $200,000 grant through the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program. The grant will be used for Phase 1 of the Furness Park Development project; and will allow the Township to develop this 17-acre park into a usable and fully functioning park that will enable visitors who like to walk, run, picnic and learn about nature. The project includes the establishment of paths, trails and bridges over three stream crossings.

“This park will connect seven closely-located neighborhoods and provide residents easy access to the train,” Killion said. “This proposed trail will be very important to many township residents and visitors to this area.”

Finally, the Borough of Brookhaven was awarded a $229,040 grant through the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program for improvements to Eaton Park.  This 3 acre park will be improved with landscaping; a 1,100 linear foot path with lighting along the perimeter of the park; a 400 square foot concession stand; a 1,000 square foot pavilion to include benches and picnic tables; a bocce court; and a horseshoe pit with benches. The existing parking lot will be paved and expanded with two ADA parking stalls.

Killion said, “I’m pleased the Borough will be able to move forward with these improvements to Eaton Park. I’m hopeful many residents and their families will enjoy for many years to come.”

The Watershed Restoration and Protection Program and the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program are administered by the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA).

CONTACT: Krista Hair, Office of Senator Tom Killion (717) 787-4712