Senator Killion Joins Grace Winery to Kick Off Direct Sales of Wine in PA

At a news conference today in Glen Mills, Senator Tom Killion (R-9) joined Le Vine of Grace Winery in kicking off the direct sales of wine in PA.  At the event, Grace Winery formally shipped its first bottle of wine.  That shipment is now authorized under a Pennsylvania’s new law that modernizes liquor laws and provides greater convenience to customers.   The winery was issued a permit to ship wine from the Liquor Control Board as authorized by Act 39 of 2016, which allows Pennsylvania residents to have wine shipped directly to their homes.

Killion strongly supported the law, which lifted a number of restrictions to direct wine shipping in Pennsylvania.

“I’m pleased that Grace Winery will be one of first direct shippers in Southeastern Pennsylvania and one of the first five businesses to be issued permits under the new LCB license,” Killion said.  “This will help them to better market their excellent product and enable more consumers to enjoy them.”

Grace Winery was founded in 2008 as an addition to the grounds of Sweetwater Farm Bed and Breakfast The name Grace Winery is a tribute to proprietor Chris Le Vine’s sister Gracie, who owned Sweetwater Farm prior to Chris and his wife Vicki taking over the property in 1999.  The winery is housed in a 1750’s bank barn. The barn’s original purpose was as a malting barn to malt barley and other grains for distilled spirits. Over the years it was altered many times to be used for livestock, storage and parties.  By the mid–2000s it was in disrepair.  Renovations began in December 2008 and were completed in April 2010.

Killion said the Grace Winery and Sweetwater Farm Bed and Breakfast are an example of two small businesses that will benefit from the direct sale of wine in Pennsylvania, which will create new markets and revenues for small companies.  In addition, consumers across the state will now have access to the local wine – something they have not had before.

“Our area has the ability to make great wines, and now can give wine lovers access to this outstanding local product,” Killion said.  “I’m pleased to support our new law to modernize the sale of liquor across Pennsylvania in order to better meet the needs of consumers was signed into law today.

The law includes a number of reforms demanded by consumers, including expanded hours of operation at state liquor stores and fewer restrictions in relation to state-mandated holidays and Sunday operation. The bill also allows for online internet orders for wine, stores to create loyalty programs, distribute coupons, utilize flexible pricing options and offer new sales and discounts.  It allows for the limited sale of wine at select restaurants, hotels and grocery stores that purchase the proper licenses.

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