Senator Killion Takes Part in Roundtable Discussion on Opioid Crisis

Senator Tom Killion (R-9) joined Governor Tom Wolf, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan, other members of law enforcement, and local officials today at a roundtable discussion in Brookhaven on Pennsylvania’s heroin and opioid crisis.

The event is part of a statewide effort to gather information on how the heroin and opioid epidemic is affecting Pennsylvania and what can be done to save lives and battle addiction.

“We are seeing deaths from heroin and opiod abuse escalate at an alarming rate” Killion said. ¬†“This truly is a crisis and we need to take a comprehensive and coordinated approach to fighting it. ¬†Roundtables like this will help us build on the tremendous work that D.A Whelan has spearheaded in Delaware County.”

The panel discussion focused on all aspects of the problem of abuse, from legislation and law enforcement to medical treatment options.

“There is a consensus that once people get hooked, we need to treat this as a disease and find ways for addicts to receive treatment that helps them recover,” Killion said. ¬†“Having policy maker’s involved in the discussion will help us realign policies in all aspects of government to better deal with this crisis.”

Killion added, “I commend the brave family members and other individuals impacted by this crisis for taking the time to share their story with us. I look forward to working with them to do our part to end this crisis.”

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