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Budget Hearing Q&A: Thaddeus Stevens College

February 27, 2019
During today’s #PASenate #PABudget hearing, Senator Killion questioned how @thaddeusstevens could expand programs to prepare more students from low-income families to compete for high-paying careers in the workforce   [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: PA College of Technology

February 26, 2019
Senator Killion asked Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour, President of Pennsylvania College of Technology about student debt during today’s budget hearing.   [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: State-Related Universities

February 26, 2019
During questioning from Senator Tom Killion, Penn State President Eric Barron said college campuses such as PSU-Brandywine returned $1.25 to the community for every dollar received.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Transportation

February 25, 2019
Senator Killion asked PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards about an area company using recycling glass for road surfaces.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: General Services

February 25, 2019
Senator Killion asked Secretary Topper about the state’s property insurance coverage during the budget hearing with the Department of General Services.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: PA State Police

February 21, 2019
At the PA State Police budget hearing, Senator Killion asked about asked about the status of the new Media barracks that are in the works.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: State System of Higher Education

February 21, 2019
Senator Killion Today questioned PASSHE Chancellor Dan Greenstein about the impact of the potential loss of accreditation of Cheyney University and the reaccreditation process during the budget hearing for the State System of Higher Education.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Department of State

February 20, 2019
Senator Killion asked Department of State officials what it would take to make lobbying disclosure process fully-funded by fees paid by lobbyists, and eliminate the need to use General Fund tax dollars.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Public Utility Commission

February 19, 2019
Senator Killion questions officials from the PUC about steps being taken to ensure the safety of communities located near natural gas pipelines.     [Read More]

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Senators Folmer, Schwank, Killion, Stefano and Martin to Introduce Bipartisan Election Reform Package

January 24, 2019
Senators Mike Folmer (R-48), Judy Schwank (D-11), Tom Killion (R-9), Pat Stefano (R-32) and Scott Martin (R-13) will hold a press conference on Tuesday, January 29 at 10 a.m. in the Capitol Media Center in regards to a soon-to-be-introduced bipartisan election reform package.     [Read More]