Killion Announces $1.4 Million in Grants

Senator Tom Killion announced that over $1.4 million in state grants have been awarded to two local communities.

$750,000 in grant money has been given to the Franklin Mint redevelopment project in Middletown Township. $675,000 has also been awarded to the Chichester streetscape project in Upper Chichester Township.

The grant money was released by the Commonwealth Financing Authority as part of their Multimodal Transportation Fund program. Killion supported the funding for both projects.

“The grants will have a positive impact on these two municipalities, especially for pedestrian safety,” said Killion. “I am pleased that the state is investing funds to enhance the quality of life in Middletown and Upper Chichester by making these communities more walkable for our families,” he added.

The Middletown grant will be used for a six-foot wide sidewalk, a ten-foot wide side path, 16 benches and 35 street lights in front of the Franklin Mint on Route 1.

The Upper Chichester grant will be directed toward the replacement of sidewalks on Chichester Avenue between Johnson Avenue and Pleasant Avenue, a decorative sidewalk, crosswalks and landscaping, pedestrian lighting, signage, street sign replacements, bus shelter and bus stop improvements, guide rails and security fencing replacements.

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